Advertisement Banners for Manufacturers and Suppliers

//Advertisement Banners for Manufacturers and Suppliers

Advertisement Banners for Manufacturers and Suppliers

Spin your business with RidesZone!

RidesZone is the first App designed for amusement ride operators, available online since year 2016 with download from Apple Store and Google Play. Users can access to RidesZone also by web at address. Over the years it has continually increased the number of its users reaching more than 100 countries in the world and consolidating over 50.000 pages views every month. Learn more about RidesZone statistics here.

The platform offers the possibility to publish posts related to used rides, market news, advertising. Also published are articles related to safety and the service bulletins from manufacturers and inspectors.

Advertisement Banners for Manufacturers and Suppliers

Recently RidesZone has made advertising banners available that allow you to advertise your products and services on all pages for a certain period of time.

A hyperlink can be connected to the banner to bring interested users to an external source, such as for example, one of the following options:

  • your any external webpage
  • activate a PDF download
  • activate a messaging platform, as for example, WhatsApp

Courtesy page

If you do not have an appropriate web page to drive your potential buyers, we can provide you with a courtesy page within the website, see an example here.

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