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Manufacturers English

Manufacturers English


– Do you need to advertise your products or services in real time ?
– Do you have customers in different countries with different languages ?
– Are your customers mostly available on their mobile devices ?

RidesZone is the new APP designed for Amusement Ride Operators and allows you to:
– Publish information of your products or service with description, photos, video, PDF document and link
– Description of your ride can be loaded in English, Spanish, Italian, French and German
– Publish posts that will be immediately available to all RidesZone users in real time

Get messages directly from your customers

RidesZone allows to use your email address as receiver for Contact-Me option:
– Customers interested in your post will use Contact Me option to write you a message
– You will receive immediately a message with customer contact details
– Being in touch with your potential customers has never been so easy

How to publish your content in RidesZone

RidesZone allows all Registered Users to publish directly Advertisements and other contents in few simple steps
– Enter in Settings and click on “Insert your Content” or click on ADS button located in the Home
– Buy on line your Coupon Code with Paypal electronic payment system. Sale Tax (VAT) can be added based on updated legislation. You will receive the Coupon Code(s) and invoice on your Email
– Follow the procedure here below, edit your content in Advertisement or in the other sections and use the Coupon Codes to publish.

Upload your post from your mobile phone

Depending on your phone specifications, RidesZone allows you to generate your post directly by your mobile phone:
– Enter in Settings and click on “Insert your Content” or click on ADS button located in the Home
– Create a new Advertisement by adding all requested information
– Add your email address for Contact-Me option messages
– Publish the post by adding a Coupon code provided by RidesZone

See here below a video-clip that shows you how to insert your content from your PC.