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Acceptable Usage Policy

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Thank you for using RidesZone!

RidesZone is a place to share User Content only related to the amusement rides, amusement parks, aquarium, zoo and circus, all other content related to different activity are not allowed and will be removed immediately.

Any User Content you add to RidesZone should follow also our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If we contact you to remove or modify your contents that go against our policies, you must respond to us and delete or modify the content within 24 hours. We may remove anything for any reason, including post, ads and your RidesZone account.

Account requirements

Adds User Content in sections like, for example, News, Used-Rides, Rides Maintenance and Safety Bulletins may need that you contact and share your contacts and information about your activity. Limitations on the use of these special sections could be applied.

Specific kind of contents

Some ads/post service available in RidesZone may be restricted only to some specific User Content. For example, in the service set-up for “second hand products for sale” or “used rides for sale” are admitted only User Contents related to the sale of second hand or pre-owned goods, and all other User Content will be not allowed. Clear warning about kind of User Content admitted will be highlight in the Products.


Be authentic, promote Ads/Posts that make you proud, don’t promote spam or other bad stuff, and obey applicable laws and regulations.

The specifics

You’re responsible for making sure your User Content follow all relevant laws, regulations and industry codes. These rules apply to all parts of the promoted content, including the image, description, documents, external links and destination, and to features like audience targeting. Use an accurate destination URL. Don’t send people to low quality landing pages. Don’t use off-domain redirect links.

Be authentic and honest

Authenticity means being truthful and honest about the product or service you’re promoting. It also means being transparent with people about what they should expect when they interact with your ad, your site and your products or services. Accurately reflect your product, service or brand. Don’t make misleading or exaggerated claims. Be honest about your relationship with RidesZone. Respect the rights of others.

Be respectful with targeting and tracking

Make sure your targeting is relevant, and make sure and you’re transparent about your tracking practices. It’s never okay to target people in a way that implies you’re aware of sensitive info about them.

Things you can not publish

You are not allowed to publish anything that:

  • Add contents related to new products or services, as well the sale of new components, in sections designated for “second hand products for sale”
  • Whether sexually explicit or pornographic material
  • Creates a genuine risk of physical injury or property damage, information or content illegal
  • Promote self-harm, eating disorders or abuse of hard drugs, offering drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms or other dangerous material
  • Attacks, intimidate harassing non-public persons
  • Violate the intellectual property, privacy or other rights of others, whether fraudulent or misleading
  • Regards personal information about others or solicits personal information of a person aged under 18 years
  • Represent a private person offering the trade or sale of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms or other dangerous materials

Things you can not do

In addition, you are not authorized to:

  • Use RidesZone logo without our consent
  • To break or circumvent our security measures or otherwise test the vulnerability of our systems or our networks
  • Add contains to large amounts of unwanted or repetitive content, try to artificially increase views
  • Use affiliate links that create confusing experience for users
  • Try to reverse engineer any RidesZone software
  • Attempt to interfere with any RidesZone user, host or network, such as sending viruses, performing overload, spam or mail bombing
  • Collect or store personal data from RidesZone or its users without their permission
  • Sell your username or otherwise transfer to other
  • Create or edit ads that resemble or are confusingly similar to the contents of RidesZone

Customer service

We want to make sure that you provide the best customer service possible when you made posts using RidesZone Products. This means you should communicate clearly with users who buy something from you.

  • During checkout or when you offer your products: Price and product availability, taxes and fees, estimated shipping cost and delivery date, return and refund policy
  • After an order: A confirmation of the transaction including order details, your current contact info and respond to their questions within 48 hours
  • Payment: You must take care of all parts of payment including
  • Deliveries: You’re responsible for making sure your customers get the products or services they ordered
  • Returns and refunds: Your return policies on RidesZone must be the same or better than what you offer anywhere else
  • Disputes: You’re responsible for handling and responding to all customer service questions, complaints, problems and other issues, including disputes.

We reserve the right to reject, approve or remove any ad/post that negatively affects our relationship with people on RidesZone or goes against our interests, including if we think it goes against any of this rules or our Terms of Service. These rules may change at any time.

Effective: January 16th, 2021